Capella Grey
Gyalis (Remix)
Yeah, Lil' Tory
Oh no, I'm back, remix killer, oh
Drop that a** on the floor
And come back, rotate it
Don't be to proud to say I'm your fav'
By now she knows the gyal love me
And if you dub me somebody'll cuff me
So why even try dub a guy like this?
She want, she want some

Fake like she asleep (Woo)
Louis bags packed like she stayin' for the week
I'm like "Oh, nah, nah mama that's a deep"
Baby, you know how I get down
Now drop that a** and get low with me, Shordie Low with me
Turn it off then just don't tell me I've been holdin' it all in
I got hoes with me 'cause you don't see me callin'
I slung way too much good d**k for all of this
Let's play operator, shake what your momma or your doctor gave you
Gwan now, baby, you nuh see mine, you wan date me
Slip on the condom upon the c*cky, she wan take it off of me
Well, come let me snap that, no SnapChat
Good backazz turned all the backchat to backshots
Never mind that, long wood swing she spine back, recline that
'Cause I don't play games anytime I'm in your city, yeah, yeah
F**kin' Dej but you know I gotta pay for you
You know what they say, when it rains it pours, but when it Tory Lanez' sauces you know, good brain and foursomes
She, she don't want nobody else but me and just me
Because we, we get dutty on 'em
Trust me I got the photos in my phone of her rackin' me off, givin' dome to my b*t*h like
Five different b*t*hes in New York, I gotta f**k 'em at the same time
Homie, what you thought? I'm singin' this song for my b*t*h in the Bronx
'Cause you know that a** be lookin' thick in thong, and thump
Put you on to my Queens chick, f**k up a fitted, run in Celine quick
My chick in Harlem, she a problem, still a dream chick
My Brooklyn girl and Long Island side, I link you all, we can have a five borough ménage 'cause I'm a gyalis