Capella Grey
Gyalis (RoyMix)
[?] girls that rate me
They already know it's not a play ting
She's calling on my phone for the pain
Girl you ain't the only one waiting
Ringing up my phone down my phone
[?] my phone
Make the gyaldem come make them go
Me not playing [?]

[Verse 1]
Imma tear it up and have you feeling breathless
Told you [?] you ain't tryna share this
Why you going back to your girls with the [?] ?
Why you acting crazy when I told you what it is?
It's always so much trouble
I'll just take the bubble
I'm gonna make you stutter
I'm gonna make you wonder why you in love with me
When that's the only place I know you wanna be

[Verse 2]
Pull up shawty know that I'm a fly guy she gonna do the most
Just so shе can roll with me until the sun shine
You should lеt me fly you out, Turks & Caicos
Imma fuck you by the palm trees till the sun rise
Baby girl you know that man a Gyalis from time
I ain't gotta tell you you should know by now
Lots of freaky things on your brain girl
And I feel the same I've been thinking these things
[Verse 3]
So just keep that vision won't you keep that energy
Keep that energy when you come see me
Keep that vision won't you keep that energy
Keep that energy when you come see me
Say no more, [?]
She might get some ice or some nice Saint-Laurent
She might get a Benz but she won't get my heart
Girl I done tell you from the start
You been dealing with a king when he [?]
I don't want no conversation bout you love, I'm tryna [?]
It ain't none of my business, oooh
She don't want nobody else, I know
It's just the vibe, I know
She want my time, she want it all
But she only gettin' some
Cause man is a Gyalis