Capella Grey
Gyalis (Freestyle)
[Verse: King Codi]
People think that I'm a gyalis
Callin' me "Codi Mack", I don't know who that is
I'm a king under the King of Kings
I'm not Solomon, I don't have a thousand queens
Daddy was a rolling stone but I'm not
Cause when I get married, I'mma be my wife thot
Getting ratchet in holy matrimony, bringing glory to God
And I'm being serious, man, this ain't a facade, uh
People think I get girls cause I tend to flirt
But I'm always rejected with my name in the dirt
They don't want a real man cause they still like boys
And when they heartbroke, they gone play with toys
Or maybe other girls, let's keep it a rack
On my way to dеliverance and that's no cap
Cause I rеfuse to be a dog chasing after the cat
And all I gotta say is: rest in peace, Codi Mack, uh

[Outro: Capella Grey]
I see her
She came with her n***a