Let Off Some Steam
[Waqas Ali:]
Yeah, I like this; I like the sound of this
It's Outland Moro, never heard this before yea

Whether you work in a store

Or sick and tired of thuggish ruggish in laws

All feel the urge to explode sometimes

Keeping it calm ain't in our blood

So we must bust within our limits

Call me, I'll be online
Say it's gonna be fine
Don't u worry about life (no no
Listen, baby I goin' for the night
Say I'll be back in any time
Cuz I've got to provide??

Gonna let off some steam..
I'm gonna let off some steam
If you know what I mean
Gonna let off some steam
If you .... against the world
And you got no one to call
Just let off some steam
But hey let off some steam

Cuando no puedas mas
Ni tengas tiempo de reir, ni de pensar
Y el peso del mundo esté contra tuya
Pega un grito dale bulla, esto es carnaval
Que.. no puedas mas, ni tengas tiempo de reir ni de pensar
Y el peso del mundo esté en contra tuya
Pega un grito, dale bulla, esto es carnaval!

Esto es lo que hay
Esto es lo que viene
Esto es lo que va
Este es lo que da
Esta es mi verdad y yo
Este es lo que hay
Este es lo que viene
Esta es mi verdad
Cuentame la tuya
Secate lo ojos dale bulla, dale bulla
Ya tu sabes
When you can not
Neither has time to laugh, or think
And the weight of the world is against you
Paste a cry dale bulla, that is carnival
Que .. can not or have time to laugh or think
And the weight of the world is against you
Paste a shout, dale bulla, that is Carnival!

This is what is
This is what comes
This is what will
This is what gives
This is my truth and I
This is what we have
This is what comes
This is my truth
Tell me yours
Dry your eyes with bulla dale, dale bulla
Now you know

If we didn't get along
Would we try to be strong
Or would we say it's so long (so long .. so long)
But hey..
Could we try to find a way..
Tryna find some "soleil"
On this cloudy day
Wo oo oooo
Let me say: wooo oooo oooo
Let me say: wa aa aa aaaaa
Yeah, Waa aaa aa aaaaaa
Yeah wooo oo o ooooo
Yeah waa aa a aaaaaa

Say I am.. say I am.. say I am about to get away
About to get away (this is the point of no return)
Say I can.. say I can
So don't you worry about the thing.. don't worry about the thing (hey yeah)

Yo!! The world is my house and everything in it
So don't worry about me don't complex I will win and
No matter what they say they'll never ever break me
No matter what I ...

[Repeat Chorus:]