[Hook: Isam Bachiri] (x2)
Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go

[Verse 1: Waqas Ali Qadri]
To whom it may concern, I think I lost someone
I think I heard my mother cry, I think I left someone
Think I saw myself commit homicide, kill someone
The sweetest thing you have ever seen, I think I hurt someone
I am running on a cloudy day
With a mind state far from ok, nowhere to stay
And none to pray for me five times a day
Did I mention that I, was brought up to the sky
To clarify, I was put on a high
To represent my body, to the fullest still I am rowdy
Though not blessed with the same earthly riches like the Saudi I got spirit so they are bounty hunting
No mercy shown it's a conspiracy all over me won't leave me alone

[Verse 2: Isam Bachiri]
By the look in your eyes
I can tell you gonna cry
Is it over me
If it is save your tears, cause I'm not worth it, you'll see
For I'm the type of boy who is always, on the run, on the run
Where ever I lay my hat, that's my home, oh yeah
I'm telling you that's my home

[Hook] (X2)

[Verse 3: Lenny Martinez]
Donde quiera que me encuentre
Donde quiera que yo vaya
Ese es mi hogar esa es mi casa
Soy como una pluma
Que es llevada por el viento
Libre como el aire, sin fronteras
Soy como el universo
Pirata sin modales
Dueno de tus mares
Tu amor yo me he robado
Y sola has quedado
No soy digno de tus lagrimas
No llores tus dolores me los llevo
Estas en mis recuerdos
No me justifico
Y te pido mil disculpas
Si pudiera cambiaria
Pero esta es mi conducta
Si algun dia yo me asento
Seria a tu lado dormiria sosegado en tus brazos
Por ahora te digo adios algun dia nos veremos
No guardes el rencor y si los bellos besos
Porque a veces la vida es loca (loca loca)
A veces ganas unas
A veces pierdes otras
[Verse 3 Translated: Lenny Martinez]
Wherever I find myself
Where ever I go
That's my house
That's my home
I'm like a feather
Conducted by the wind
Free like air
Without borders
Like the universe
A pirate without manners
Proprietor of your seas
I have stolen your love
And now lonely, there you are
I'm not worthy of your tears
Don't cry, I'm taking your pain away
You'll be in my memory
I can't justify my self
I apologize a thousand times
If I could change I would
But this is my way of being
If one day I settle
It would be by your side, Ill sleep peacefully in your arms
But for now I say goodbye, someday we'll see each other
Don't keep the rancour, only our beautiful kisses
Cuz sometimes life is crazy
Sometimes you win some
Sometimes you loose some
[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 4: Isam Bachiri]
Never ever really saw me coming
Never ever really heard me knocking
Could it be that you were busy working
Thinking about he, and forgetting about me
You got to be, (got to be)
Down with me (down with me)
Cause only then I'll be (then I'll be)
Down for real(down for real)
Where ever I lay my hat that's my home

[Hook] (x2)