Fatima’s Hand
Fatima is 21
And around here - when you're 21
You gotta start thinking about getting a man
Getting a son
Getting it done
Just like her mom when she was 21
But even though Fatima's not ready for it
She not gonna say some

[Verse 1]
She feels she gotta do this for the parents
Cause they've been on her for the last 5 years
A lot of men from motherland came up here hoping, she say yeah
But she ain't down
Wants somebody that can make her feel alive
Chill every time she wanna cry
The one in a million type of guy
But her mom keeps telling her
"Compromise, this ain't no fairy tale my child
Do not waste your time
You'll regret u didn't say yes to this guy"
Everyday is the same
Like a battlefield
She gets the blame
Bringing shame on the family name
Just because the streets be babbling like a Bedouin in a dessert storm
She lays low from all their songs try to make'em understand
But it's like talking to the wall
Her desire's burning to change her ill state
It's strange - for the first time
In a long time - she sees the light in the end

She brings the pain within your brain
Y'all don't really wanna understand her thang
Boo be really strong enough to maintain
Thru your bullsh*t
It ain't nothing but pain
But she knows in the name of Fatima's hand she don't go wrong
In the name of Fatima's hand
She will move on
Hey hoping everything will be alright!

[Verse 2: Majid]
I see tears in everybody's eyes
But I don't understand why
Mama standing in the kitchen
Preparing dinner while she cries
As the pain spreads inside
Cause something that's going on
Denial of my first question
Second time got no respond
To lose some one that had always been there
She always had my back
And she always did care
So with these lines right here
I wanna explain how much I love u
No matter what u do I will forever stay true
Until this day
Can't nobody tear us apart
10 years is past
But you are still living in my heart
Truly no poetry can explain how much I miss ya
No matter where u are you will always be my sister

[Verse 3]
Con la mano de Fatima
Sobre su alma encantadora
Su camino es protegido
No importa cual escoga
Y ella fue escogida
Para verla y admirarla
En sus ojos tiene un algo
Impecable es su retrato
Y cada vez que pasa
Lo duro se ablandese
La noche se agrandese
Lo malo desvanece
No la olvidaran, la esperaran
Al otro lado de esta vida
Su amor alumbrara, su voz les cantara
En las memorias hay momentos de pasion
Afecto y comprension, retratos y recuerdos
Dando vuelta en las fantasias
Su aura es alegria
Lleva la mano de Fatima

[Hook 2x]