Gold Under The Ashes
This is you right now
This is you right now

This is you right now
Inhale, Inhale (Huh)
I got my eyes closed right now (Huh)
Exhale and inhale, release

Emotions suppress me
Let me step up in your mind
I'm really stuck in out my home now
My soul is on fire now and I’m letting it go

(Oh) Oh my God
(Uh) Let me cry
Oh my God, I wish the video was recording
If I could use this on a doc*mentary
One day I can express myself freely

Without fear of judgement
Well I ain't seen anybody motherf**king judging
While I'm, (huh) well I’m conscious, I'm conscious right now
Well I'm thinking about these words right now

Do I wanna sound cool
Do I want motherf**kers to accept me, do I (cry)
Do I (cry), do I

Is this just a facet of myself at the moment
Inhale (Do I)
Exhale (Huh)

It's that new manila sound
It's that new manila sound

Tryna be myself right now
I hope one day, I inspire someone someday somehow
Yes somehow
I swear I'm not trying to sound cool
All the things that's in between, all the tantrums
Please consume your cashews
While I glance at the sky as the cash moves

And I raise a gla** and a toast to the things
I ain't ever been used to
I can sense resistance, your reluctant
Just to share the silence when it’s needed and you still refuse to

Exhale (Do I)
And inhale (Huh)
But I have to let go