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The Turtles

"House of Pain"

Wise men say
That a poor mother's child
Lives his life in vain
If he doesn't visit, Lord
The House of Pain

At the age of four my mama done died
My daddy started in drinkin'
And he left me by
An orphanage door
Said "Get the rest of your life for thinkin', now"

At the age of eight
Thoughts filled my mind
I had to run, had to run away
And I met a bum by the name of Joe
And he told me I could stay, now

Now, Joe said
"Earn your keep, boy!
Man's gotta work for every meal!"
And Joe, he taught me how to rob, Lord
He taught me how to steal

At age thirteen
I was a restless lad
And Joe said "Little drink can do you no harm"
But by fifteen years a-drinkin' meant nothin'
Compared to these holes in my arm

Now, I'm not a violent man
I can't stand killin'
Without a reason to be done
But when my friend Joe started stealin' my brandy
Shot him with a second-hand gun

People don't know
What pain it is runnin'
So even a man of thirty cries with tears
But I've been livin' on crumbs and sterno
Nigh under fifteen years

My strength is gone, my eyes are closin'
It's gettin' dark and oh, so cold
But it's nice and warm
In the place I'll be goin' to
Will probably have me shovelin' coal, now

So let it now be said
That a man ain't been livin'
That he spends life in vain
'Cause I spend thirty cold, windy, thirsty years
Inside the House of Pain, now
Inside the House of Pain
Inside the House of Pain

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