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The Turtles

"Pall Bearing, Ball Bearing World"

I've heard tell once upon a time
Man relied on his hands and mind
Now, his mind is filled with bricks and steel
One-eyed midgets tell us lies
And give us twenty-one inch eyes
Our hands are curved so bad we cannot feel
From the steerin' wheel

Computers tell us what to do
What man or wife to be wed to
And which man in the firm to fire or hire
And when to cry and when to laugh
And how to run a maze or graph
And just how much our dreams can be inspired
By human liars

Automation, tin can lids
Pretty soon they're gonna make your kids
How'd you like a body by Fisher, girl?
If man keeps goin' in the same old way
Makin' himself some robot slave
He's gonna find that plannin' this way will sure
Lead to a sterile world

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