Good To Goodbye lyrics


[Verse 1: Christopher]
Can we just skip the lies?
Can we just skip the fights?
Can we just skip the part where pretend we're fine?
Can you stop playing dumb, so I can stop playing along?
Can we stop acting like we're kids when we're adults?

[Pre-Chorus: Christopher]
You say we're over, then come over
Make love to break up to make up again
You say you're happy but that scares me
'Cause it means that we're close to the end

[Chorus: Christopher]
We go from good to goodbyе
We go from good to goodbye
You say, "Let's do this", I say somеthing stupid
We go from good to goodbye
Maybe it's time to say

[Post-Chorus: Christopher, Clara Mae, Christopher & Clara Mae]
Goodbye, bye, bye

[Verse 2: Clara Mae]
Say we're better off
But we just never stop
I tell myself it's better if you're mine
And you know how bad I hate to lose
I'm sure it would hurt if I saw you with someone else
I'd rather keep you to myself

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