f*ck 2020

Steel Panther


Stupid f**king dude out in Wuhan ate a f**king bat
Didn't wash his hands and gave the plague to the rest of the planet
If you didn't have time to fry the damn thing
Nuke it in the microwave

f**k 2020
2020 can suck my d**k

Kobe Bryant, Frankie Banali, Kenny Rogers, too
Little Richard, Sean Connery, Neil Peart and Kirk f**king Douglas
And if that sh*t wasn't bad enough, Eddie Van Halen, too

f**k 2020
2020 can suck my d**k
f**k 2020
2020 can suck my d**k

Gigs have all been cancelled
Movie theatres, too
I'm deemed non-essential
Now I can't get an Asian massage
More stressed out than еver
And I can't even blow a load

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