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Yung Gleesh


[Verse 1 – RokStar Walt]
I’ve been.. triping, all week 
In a… trance.. I can’t f*cking speak
Mobbin in the streets n*gga I will never sleep
She just want tlc , but on the low I know she creep
That dirty b*tch a freak
That dirty b*tch a freak
I kno that pus*y deep
I think she sprung a leak
Mobbin, mobbin 
Rolling, deep
All my n*ggas
Counting sheep
Killers moving 
Moving, you sleep

[Verse 2 – Yung Gleesh]
Im the… gleeshy 
sh*t bag shorty
Working ..with the 
A Hunnit 40 
Early.. in the 
It’s the morning 
I had to get the grams out the f*cking garland 
Aye aye 
I work my all in 
Thirty thousand dollars and then we balling
Grams coming out the top b*tch I won’t stall it
Grams falling of the top b*tch like it’s falling
Aye aye And im Gleesh walking
Aye aye and my dogs barking 
Pow pow pow pow my dogs barking
Aye aye aye aye my dogs sparking

Mobbin, mobbin
Rolling, deep
All my n*ggas
Counting sheep
Killers moving
Moving. you sleep

[Verse 3 – KiDWaV]
Came through the night like bat man
All black .. hmmm, shout out to my tat man , on that
Big bank big bank no tank 
But a skee mask , 
Mobin deep with the team
On a bean ,give me drugs
Not a fean, 
She the molly queen to the t
Hella geek
Popin pus*y for this zan in my hand
Been the man, getting jiggy, uh uh

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