Thick and Thin lyrics


[Verse 1]
Late night, your eyes fell to the floor
I'm trying to make sense
But you're losing your patience

Hands talk, won't stop, we go to war
In the heat of the moment
You think that we're broken

I could see my whole life with you baby
Now you got me thinking that I'm crazy
'Cause you're

Out the door, just one mistake
You say you're not in love no more
But was it really love if you can leave me for
Something so innocent?
Is this the end?
Thought you'd be there through thick and thin
(Oh-ooh, oh-ooh)

[Verse 2]
Can't sleep, can't eat
My mind's a mess

What are you thinking?
You were happy last weekend
All the good times
How'd you forget?

I was your best friend, yeah
Remember when you said

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