Trapland Pat
Wake Up
Wake up in da morning get my roll on
Gotta get my scroll on
Say she needa d**k just to blow on
Trapland sh*t she gettin jiggy

I ain’t have a blue so I threw that hoe a 50
It ain’t trickin if u pimpin
Big body Benz lane shiftin
Do u catch the signs that we drifting

A whole lotta Z’s ova hea
They shooting from da 3 ova hea
Dem b*t*hes sayin please ova hea

Heard u in da zone we blitzin
Broke we fixing
Clipping hit & run get missing

Fleeing & eluding
Home invasions
Alphabet boys how we come thru raiding

Junky ahhh lick Oakland park days inn
I’m tryna make it out he tryna find his way in
How tf pat got that big k in
If u see a target betta let it spray den
Right dea on the scene den he better lay den
Ain’t no 2nd chances he won’t see that day den

Never playin ion really do the loafin
Graveyard shift I’m just tryna ghost him
Plus I got a scope case I see em open

I’m seeing everything so vividly
Never playin round I won’t never let em kid wit me
Won’t never tell my story I won’t tell em what u did to me
Can’t get rid of me I’m like a virus

Fleeing & eluding whip got nitrous
I ain’t never playin I just pull up sprayin
He got dem .556
Yea I tell her she ain’t never met a n***a like this
Yea Trapland