Trapland Pat
Wake Up
(A guy by the name of PepperJack Zoe)
(PepperJack Zoe)

Wake up in the mornin' get my roll-on, gotta get my scroll on
Say she need a dick just to blow on (Du-du-du)
Trapland shit she gettin' jiggy
I ain't have a blue so I threw that ho a fifty (Du-du-du)
It ain't trickin' if you pimpin' (Du-du-du)
Big body Benz lane shiftin' (Du-du-du)
Do you catch the signs that we driftin'?
A whole lotta Z's over here (Du-du-du)
They shootin' from the three over here (Du-du-du)
Them bitches sayin', "please over here" (Yeah)
Heard you in the zone, we blitzin'
Broke we fixing
Clippin' hit and run get missing (Du-du-du)
Fleeing and eluding, home invasions
Alphabet boys how we come through raidin' (Du-du-du)
Junky ass lick Oakland park days in (Du-du-du)
I'm tryna make it out he tryna find his way in
How the fuck Pat got that big K in? (Du-du-du, du-du-du)
If you see a target better let it spray then
Right there on the scene, then he better lay then (Du-du-du)
Ain't no second chances, he won't see that day then
Never playin', I don't really do the loafin' (Du-du-du)
Graveyard shift I'm just tryna ghost him (Du-du-du)
Plus I got a scope 'case I see 'em open (Du-du-du)
I'm seeing everything so vividly
Never playin' 'round I won't never let 'em kid with me
Won't never tell my story, I won't tell 'em what you did to me
Can't get rid of me, I'm like a virus (Du-du-du)
Fleeing and eluding, whip got nitrous (Skrrt, skrrt)
I ain't never playin' I just pull up sprayin' (Du-du-du, du-du-du)
He got them .556
Yeah, I tell her she ain't never met a n***a like this, yeah
Yeah (Du-du-du)
Never met a n***a like this, yeah, yeah
Never met a n***a like this (Du-du-du)
Slatt, slatt