Trapland Pat
My screen won’t load

I’m glitching my screen won’t load

I heard them n***as outchea pillow talking to them hoes

You gon get yo ahh exposed

The land be hotter than a stove

I’m out hea glitchin bra my screen won’t load

My bank account on overload

Ion wanna cuff her I rather fuck yo hoe

I got Mizzle to the side of me

I got that stick it’s gon ride with me

Them n***as sweeter than a cavity

Strapped up every casualty

N***as out hea lacking break a man down to a fraction
Them n***as been knew what happened

Like lights camera action you gon see all them flashing lights

Somebody gon die tonight

Why that n***a living like that

Why that night booted like that

See when you see me I be booted than the average dude

He don’t be bootin he can never reach this latitude

Living while the sunset ghost by the sundown

I’ll turn broward county to a fucking ghost town

She ain’t wanna fuck nun now she wanna fuck na

I be pass my limit ion like to come down

I know them n***as envy so ion even come round

You could try to run get yo lackin ahh burnt down