Trapland Pat
Blood Sweat & Tears
Blood sweat & tears

I been stayin down & grinding for years

Now a n***a hear Tryna Shine like a chandeleer

Believe what u see n***a not what u hear

Lemme make it clear na

Overdosed on the wheel I can’t steer na

Same ones who said they solid ain’t hear na

Them same hoes who wouldn’t f**k I bet they f**k na

Everybody went to switching

How tf u got that beam & u missing

Either u Gon grind or u can keep wishing

I can feel it in the air I feel the tension

Heart colder then a freezer

Don’t need confusion so I tell her ion need her

She ain my wifey why she think I’m boutta breed


Don’t get to comfortable cuz that’s when I’ma leave ya

He tryna play up under dis a cold summer

Hit the gas den hit the brakes ima burn rubber

Duckin undercovers traphouse got shutters

Money green feen I can’t see no other colors

Think I’m in to deep bra I really think I luv her

So ima set her up she Gon have to f**k my brother

Let a hoe be a hoe
Gotta keep ya mind clear when u out hea sellin dope

Yeaa keep ya head above water

I ain tryna spoil her Im the type to starve her

Put her on game see if she can hold water

GTA Babygirl I’m a baller

Got her in feelings cuz ion never call her

Act like I ain’t see her even tho I saw her

Baby ima pimp u see that I be walk-in wit a limp

Ask dem n***as wea dat bankroll went

Wea dat bankroll went