Trapland Pat
B*t*hes gettin jiggy VSOP Remy
Do we got straps got plenty
I Hit her wit no jimmy
Had to hit raw cuz I’m still gon duck the law
Interrogation room I ain’t tell em what i saw

Baby ima baller I’m the type to hit & never call her
I’m just tryna stack that money taller
Said I had plates so u know I had to wall her
I sent her on her way she kno I won’t Eva stall

Trapland this yea trapland that
But U was at the school when I touched my first pack
U know i ain’t no fool hop out joggin wit da tool
Dove up in the ocean u was diving in da pool

I just threw the bait joggin wit da drake
Ion rock designer I rock bape baby ima ape
That work kinda cheaper when u get it from outta state
Early mornin to data bag can’t afford to be late

22 karats 20 wall in my muppy
Really had that dog food I had to feed my puppy’s
I won’t ever trust dgaf if u ion trust me
I f**k her when I’m booted that’s y she be tryna rush me
Dis sh*t gon cost ya talkin bout extortion
Im coming for that piece ya I really need that portion
Try to buck the jack & I won’t hesitate to torch dem
Knocked his ppl off now they got em in that orphan