Trapland Pat
Bussing down lbs out the wrapper
Why u lied why u told em a trapper
Sent the pack off Green Bay packer
Bet I get my pack off faster
No hard top this a drop top
Turn a princess to a snot thot
Want smoke He must be talkin bout hotbox
& that’s a Flip car I know u got it from the chop shop
It ain’t no lackin got the chop wit me
When I lean yea I bet that thing rock wit me
Na I ain’t friendly u cud have never have a talk wit me
I ain’t Sharing plugs y he think he boutta cop wit me

High speed chase boy you better not slow down
TNT yea Dey say He boutta blow now
Running red lights cuz I’m really on go now
To much biting I gotta switch the flow now
TTU I’m to turnt up
Playin wit da flame hе done got his ahh burnt up

U gon have to drive dеn
Hop out pop out we firing
U could come & get a job we hiring
Ran it up so much it’s tiring
How tf he keep it goin like a treadmill
Thought I went broke I got bread still

Shots fired gotta duck low
Ima throw the backend at my next show
Gotta pick ya tempo up cuz u rap slow
I just got a new lick new custo

Brand new bag dis a new stash
AR got a scope & a new flash
New heist new mission need a new mask
She kno i ain’t no jwetter cuz I keep cash

Ran outta 1s ima throw dubs
If I ain’t gettin booked ion do clubs
Green tips out the stick that’s a cool slug
My heart to damaged I can’t show love

Iat the ER I think I need surgery
Done skipped Venus landed on Mercury
Woke up to a new bitch slurping me
False move if u think about hurting me

Ain’t no such thing as enough money
Back shots since I know she like to run from me
All des Carrots in my mouth like a cool bunny
Ain’t shit sweet hea it ain’t no honey
22 karats 20 wall in my mouth man
Tryna stack it up prolly cash out on a house man
Really he a rat cuz he moving like a mouse man
Fuck up north all my plays down south man
Trapland Wea the grams at
Ima take em to the beach right Wea the sand at
If that Work to dark u gotta tan that
Bra that Dope ain’t dry u gotta fan that
Heard that boy coming had to hit em wit the turn around
Fetty on that food boy I bet that thing turn around
I hit her from the front den I told that bitch to turn around
Man that bitch a freak ain’t no way that I can turn her down