Trapland Pat
I’m boutta go nuts like cashews
It don’t even matter ima crash when I catch you
Foreign ahh whip 200 on the dash too
Where the f**k he at I just rode right pa** u
Really went to spinnin with the doors up
Snoozing off the lean made his b*t*h ahh froze up
On 19th bruh we boutta pick boze up
Could tell a n***a booted cuz my eyes won’t close up

She said she cut me off b*t*h so what
Free my n***a briccs right now he eating cold cuts
Slow the whip down cuz a n***a gotta pour up
Vision so blurry like my screen won’t load up
They say a n***a smooth with the word play
1st of the month cross the globe we call it bird day
Side piecе my appetizer main b*t*h my entree
I just had a threesomе call that bih a cross play
Yea I tell em they could chill but they can’t stay
I make em work for me they gon do whatever I say
Plug on the way I told em ten four
5 percent or lower why the f**k you got tint for
He ain’t even shoot why the f**k that n***a slid for
Price on his head we waiting on the highest bid doe
Gas a n***a up like speedway
Steady bending corners back to back like a relay
Mizzle said run that sh*t back like a djay
Shooter out the sunroof he do it on the freeway
How y’all got points ain’t never score
We was never wealthy we was always poor
How the f**k he shot up he came up off the floor
Dey ain’t let me in he blew the hedges off the door
Ain’t no such thing as being to safe
All I got is color money stacked up in this briefcase
All that drip he ain’t wearing ain’t real bra that’s too fake
These unreleased it ain’t even got a due date
I told luh mama try one if she like the feeling she can buy one
Pop 2 pop 3 baby pop 4 pop 5 pop 6 baby pop moreeee