Trapland Pat
[Verse 1: Trapland Pat]
It’s a celebration when a opp die
When it’s time to slide you gotta ride, you can’t ask why
We don't duck static, duck the blicks off in the attic
Bet this chip make it fully automatic

[Verse 2: Baby Glock]
Wrap dope in the plastic
Get the pack, flip it like gymnastics
When you fuck with us them choppers get to clappin'
In my hood it get tragic, we give fuck n***as closed caskets
I ain't 21 but bitch I've been a savage

[Verse 3: Trapland Pat]
Just bought a brand new foreign, I can’t even drive it cuz I’m touring
He tryna match my fly but I’m soaring
Bitch so boring, made her check out in the morning
We just sent shots, we ain’t give no warnings

[Verse 4: Baby Glock]
And we be strapped up every casualty
Just met lil' baby at the club, I think she after me
Step in the building I be saucy, I be super clean
I'm quick to fuck a n***a bitch and pass her to the team, on gang

[Verse 5: Trapland Pat]
Trapland Pat, I’m the topic of the conversation
What’s the game mode, Call of Duty, this that domination
Ain’t got no concentration, tell me how you tryna win?
Ain’t got no concentration, how you 'pose to spin a bin?
[Verse 6: Baby Glock]
Yea we be bending curbs
And we ain't gon' speak about that last n***a that's on a shirt
A n***a claim he beef with me, I bet he die first
Hop out with that Mossberg, show you how that chop work
I ain't finna claim no body if that's not my fuckin' work

[Verse 7: Trapland Pat]
And you ain’t got no aim, I told that boy he need to see the range
Been thru some things like a coach I had to make a change
I charged it to the game cuz I ain’t really have a soul to blame
Whippin' up that doggy I won’t ever serve no cocaine

[Verse 8: Baby Glock]
Flip phone doing numbers got me up before the sun
Stick and move all day, still the trap going dumb
Told my manager don't book me for no show, can't bring my gun
If somebody test they luck, shoot this bitch up for fun

[Verse 9: Trapland Pat]
Drop top 'rari, big B's round me like Cardi
You can’t ride this wave I’m sorry
Moving in a hurry late, nights booted up early
Got the land on my back like a motherfuckin' jersey