Trapland Pat
New year I still be up before the sun doe
Ain’t never been two I always knew I be the one doe
& I was really grinding while Dey all had fun doe
Really from the trenches u cud tell I’m from the slums doe

Sticking to the principle cuz Ion follow guidelines
Last year it was all u but now it’s my time
Want me to be her main I rather be the sideline
Dem hoes be tryna knock me u could see it on my timeline

Gotta stay focused never get noticed
The way that we be shifting you’ll swear that I’m the potus
The way I switch the flaw you’ll think a n***a stole it
She just go to riding i cane een much control it

They ain’t wanna see me up just wanna see me down
That’s y I keep my distance ion even come around
Ima king round this b*t*h I’m really waitin on my crown
I come around the haters ion never hear no f**king sounds

Slime everybody playin snake na
I’m used to Roman noodles now they bring a n***a steak na
Used to eat knock offs now its Frosted Flakes na
That pu**y like a faucet she be wetter den a lake na

Dreams to reality but they ain’t even clapping for me
Don’t need no damn worker ion need nobody trapping for me
But I keep some shooters best believe that they smacking for me
& if they don’t hit I say the word they double back in for me
Sayin they gon ride but I know they ain’t gon ride tho
U can’t ride this wave cuz this tide to high woe
U kno just Wea they at tell me why you ain’t slide doe
They callin him the truth whoever sayin that lied doe

Real humble wit this sh*t I rather sit back
Stock on the chop cuz it got to much kick back
Heard about that lick I’m just tryna get my lick back
N***a steady bitin on my flow like lemme get that

Let dem hoes pick & choose cuz I ain’t losing
Early morning grind I cud tell u n***as snoozing
Only love my mama cuz these so confusing
& You ion want dem Ms I cud tell cuz u cruising

We winning round hea steady spinnin round hea
Lotta crosses on the window cuz we sinning round hea
Sh*t real in the field jus no they drillin round hea
Keep ya head on the swivel cuz Dey killing round hea