Trapland Pat
Still be catching plays in that hoop one
You anever do a drill u should one
I know u see da paper tag this a new one
He say it’s up but when he seen me he ain’t do nun
N***a do sumn I’m totin on that flame
Got the cheat code since she playin games
Runnin wit some gorillas no Dey can’t be tamed
I’m tryna walk em down & do em close range

Back street ridin Dey no that we conniving
Everybody strapped that mean everybody slidin
How u slid & ain’t hit nun
.762s out da mop u could get sum

Free smoke to all my opposition
Know I stack that paper like a composition
All I see is me so it really ain’t no compet**ion

Wе on another level na gotta chеck my schedule na
F**k a plane Jane I’m tryna ice me out a bezzle na

I like my hoes in twos na
Told em best not get this sh*t confused na
Kno I’m boutta blow just like a fuse na
& All my n***as winnin we ion really like to lose na
Heavy ammunition I suggest u just cruise na
Still be taking risks even tho that n***a famous
Ridin wit that chrome still be ridin wit that stainless
Still ain’t get identified they left that n***a nameless
Heard he got decapitated left that n***a brainless