Trapland Pat
Make It Home
Money or the fame can’t change me
Even if they had me by the ropes they couldn’t hang me
I ain’t even do it why tf you tryna blame me
& I ain’t cuffin nothing ain’t no bitch about to claim me

I been tryna change my ways
I been really up for days
I don’t know no other way
All I know is catching plays
Now they know just who I am got n***as in the jam
But he ain’t even make it home to see his fucking fam

& I could tell they don’t want beef cuz they vegan
Every n***a round me booted give me a reason
She know I got flavor I ain’t talking bout season
I’m the type to let hеr go lock the door if u leaving
Trapland shit come ridе some Trapland dick
She be shopping with the gang she a Trapland lick
Don’t need a brand new car I need a brand new stick
Got a brand new lick like how he living like this
Got my ear to the streets still ion even know
How he really get it done he a smooth real Zoe