No Promises *UNREALESED* lyrics

PnB Rock

Oh yeah
I was down yeah they used to be laughing
Now I'm up
I had made that sh*t happen
Who would think I could make it off rapping?
Say she love me
I know that she cappin'
She just see that my pockets got fatter
She just really in love with my fashion
She a thot that's her natural reaction
She didn't want me when I was trapping
In the field I ain't ducking no action
No way can they catch me in traffic
Always steady I keep me a rachet
Killed my brother they can't catch me lackin'
I be smokin' on opps with a passion
They been waiting on me to go backwards
In just treating this sh*t like it's practice

Live is a game I've gotta shake them dice
Made a wrong move it can cost your life
Cut up my block n***a you better think twice
Catch you with the opps
I'll get this on sight
Got two bullets
Got no names
They will hit you
Wrong place wrong time
Get yo' issue

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