Another “emergency meeting”?
Who is “sus” this time?
Anyone seen anyone vent?

[Verse 1]
Yeah, Among Us; I play it everyday
Go and do my tasks from Comms to Medbay
Yeah, suddenly my friend, Blue, calls a meeting
Saw Red acting sus, my heart starts beating
“Red, you were standing right on top of the vents”
“But Pink was with me, this don’t make any sense!”
“Guys, for now, can we just skip this vote? Don’t wanna end this meeting on a bad note.”

[Verse 2]
Another meeting called, I saw Blue fall
I think that Red is the cause of it all
But he starts to say things that aren’t even truе
Like, “I saw Purple in Admin with Blue”

Nobody bеlieves your lies
(Besides you)
I still side with Purple
I say we vote Red, too
[Verse 3]
Red gets ejected
Just the next second
Wasn’t the Impostor, (yeah, yeah)
Not what I expected
‘Cause 30 seconds later, another body falls
And as it turns out, I’m the winner of it all
‘Cause Red was never acting sus; Yeah, I played you
And as it turns out, I was in Comms with Blue

You all got outplayed

I was the impostor