Among Drip
[Verse 1]
I just killed a man like I'm the impostor from Among Us
Yeah, yeah
Now my hands are red, I guess now I'm sus from Among Us
I just got my driver's license and I crashed a school bus
Just saw a man vent, now its time for us to discuss
(Red's sus!)

[Verse 2]
So she tryna suck my d**k
But I'm a minor, diamond pick
I beat that b*t*h off with a stick
I melee that b*t*h with a kick
I laugh my a** off, Pickle Rick
I eat my rice with a chopstick
The doctor called me lunatic
I light that b*t*h up, candle wick

I pull up with an M9
Yeah, its mine
Play Among Us, Among Drip
With my slimes
Keep a watch all on my wrist
At all times
Eat froot loops with a lime
Among Drip, you know Dior
Your mom's a w****
Call the meeting, Civil War
Drop these losers to the floor
I eat people, but not vore (what the f**k)
Reactor melting to the floor
(The code is 2214)
The code is 5 digits, not 4
(He's kinda sus)

(What the f**k did I just record, holy sh*t)