[Verse 1: Dolan]
I count my money like I count my blessings
Always on top, b*t*h I'm in heaven
I always come first, I ain't never heard of second
Listen to me, lemme teach you a lesson
Ain't no need for begging, fake sh*ttahs stay guessing
B*t*h I got guns man, b*t*h I got weapons
Finna be a wreckin', f**ked this lil' b*t*h, shorty was eleven

[Verse 2: Junt]
I keep a Glock in my lap just in case he wanna slap
You gon' pull up with your slimes, Imma pull up with my slatts
Imma spin up on the block, like Tusk's fourth act
Mynor Morales is not funny, and that's just big facts
I got 23 shooters with guns, we gon' shoot at you
I got a bad b*t*h, pink hair like Zero Two
Pucci take your boy's disc, he ain't gon' remember you
Trained to be a killer, call that Ansatsu Kyoush*tsu