That’s Kinda Sus Freestyle
You like LMClee?
That's a bit sus bro
Lil Poni
*A brawl is surly brewing... and begin!* (Ay)
Ay, ay

[Verse 1]
LMClee shut the hell up (Ay)
He wants to shag his mum (Yup)
Coco got removed from YouTube, that is gay
I want to kill myself (Ay)
You think your sick
But you're actually very thick (What?)
I'm gonna make your arm click
You look like a brick (Ay, ay)
I'm like Hesky
The Chuck Norris of football
Your video's are a such a bore
*Among Us stab sound* (Where was the body?)
Dylan likes kids, that is still the truth
I'm here rapping, in the booth
I just vented, cuz' I killed green
Oh no, I was seen

Nah bro, I didn't vent alright
If you think I vented you're dumb fam
It was red
Red's the imposter
Vote him out, not me!
[Verse 2]
Let me go to sleep, I want to die
I could be watching some hentai

I'm finally done
I can go to sleep now
Thank God!
Yo, like legit, who stole my Fortnite card?
It was worth 19 dollars, who stole it?