Bus Stop!
Bloody mess out out here in the bus stop
And your girl (yah) she’s gonna give me that top top
Drive by’s on the cops pull up to the bus stop!
Kids (were) in the back you gotta floor it!
Blah blah blah you talking all that horse sh*t
Can’t win the game
(Yah)B*t*h boy forfeit
Pointing them fingers (yah)
(Yah) Couldn’t never ever ever support it

Kiss on your son
& your mother
Kiss on bibles so you suffer
Hear my cries & my sulphur
Stay disguised
Stay under..cover

Light you up (yah)
Out out out here @ the gas station for fun!
Munchin on
Your love & your guts
Yah yah yah
Just give it up
Light it up
Spark it up
Bloody blunts
Yah feel it (uh) in my lungs
Love the crunch of your bed bugs
(Yah)get your hands off of mе
In my face one off killing spree
Talk sh*t
I talk 3rd degree
(Yah) it’s rеal
(Yah) it’s concrete
Crusifye me