Pop, pop, pop, pop
Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood

Cover fire
I need a rumor
You're a school shooter

[Verse 1]
A problematic desire
I'm just a gun with the hire
I'll pop your skull and your tires
I want your feeling and everything in your fiber
Uh, uh-uh-uh-uh-uh
Munchin', popping on bubblegum
Yeah, I feel you on my tongue
Lick across the clip of my gun
Am I, am I in love?
Or am I off the drugs?
Your girl say I f**k like a thug
She wants kisses over blunts
Let the chains hit her face
Gunshots feel like a blade
Swerve the car make me race
Suicide's a mistake
Snipers chill with berets
Push you off the edgе
Throwing knife, like pick your fight
Pu**y boy, I wanna see my bride
I feel likе Xzibit 'cause I pimp my ride
Yeah, b*t*h, there's one, pick up your sight
Thoughts contrived, yeah, yeah, yeah
I can never do right in your mind
It's just so hard to stay attached to this world

[Verse 2]
Live off you like matter
MP5 like scatter
Blood just leaves me staggered
Got twelve on me, won't let me be
Got gummy worms stuck in my teeth
I see her face, I'm like, "OMG"
Grapple tape on my SMG
Talk, talk, talk, but you won't beat me

Cover fire
I need a rumor
I'm just cooler

Alright IG, I had a hard workout today, but
I'll see y'all later, SuWoo