Congo lyrics

2Smokeyy (Active Gxng)

Yo ril, this sh*t crazy
Benz on a track

[Part 1: Armz]
26 back on the Z and I took that L
Cah the food come TT
Feds in the rear-view
It's peak like John Cena, you can’t f**king see me
Out on the streets where I need be
On the curbs, I don't know about freebies
Sounds demon, and so many opps got left there bleeding
If I run up in your trap let me get that pack
For the sake of your mum haydeeden
If I eat, then my broskis eating
Big fat bells, that's no more breathing
Beef got seasoned, no reason for my bro, I’m squeezing
Let me break that down
I got bags and box at the way that I put that blade to brown
You know I'm tryna shavе these clowns
Said she wanna f**k with a skinny ass piratе
Two in a Q and I bruck down pyrex
Two seat coupé, that's mileage
Out my seatbelt if I hear sirens
Strictly violence, ching his chest
Imma cling these items
Imma get them flying
18k on the wrist for the timing
Slap these sweets in a nine, no rondo
Can we go ride, let's slide on c*mbo
Step on the blocks like Rumble
Turn him pack, now we're smoking Congo
Ay, CT1 to the AG, bis
Shoulda seen the way that bro bored *
Listen, ten do five in the wiz
Man, beat that case
Man, buss no jizz
Slip and dash
My little n***a just got hit with ten in the pen for the mission
Mash that twitch, It's bad she loves the flick of the wrist
Done a kid in the back
When I whip that crack, imma bring that back
Same way I grip that mash
OT out the country
And I straight out when I'm serving
TT, have the cats dancing
Moshpit has the phone twerking
Two young boys and a driver and a samurai, cah we're lurking
Just turned off two trap stars
Then turned on, back to working

[Part 2: 2Smokeyy]
I’m in the Five with this Tina Turner
Like the designer but I ain’t talking drip
Five bros wan shoot
Better hide, I just put five on a ding-dong whip
Bro got eight on a dot-dot stick
This blood gon' drip when I hit man’s wig
Rideout, when I ride, your p*ss
Tinted whip and two loaded sticks
AGB, now * on fleek
Don't get it twisted, I still step with heat
Agan bop on paigon blocks
Don't do sh*t drills with an empty T
Free BA, gunplay, knifework, mazza
Bro's way too PG
Free Hitman, shoot and dip man
Free Armed Response, free my GG’s
I'm p*ssed
Triple-S took so many trips to the paigons
How I can't find these pricks
sh*t, that's sh*t
Blitz too loose, man, slide with him
Tried put your mask off like Future
Nearly forgot how the man there snitch
Me and Alert, one dot-dot
Each for the ratio when the rambo split
They give verbal and we get round
And they caption in pics: „That the good die young?“
Home of the [?]
Ride on my block, I'll turn a white tee all red like bion
I'm f**king tired
Like, how they giving verbal, i'm f**king puzzled
When CeeMizz got left in pieces
No coming back like a jigsaw puzzle

[Outro: Armz]
One for the Nina

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