Self Reflection
2018 just started

Me and fake ones just parted

New year new me f**k that I’m still the same old me but just cold hearted

I wanna travel the world and go to Dubai via plane sky high

On a private jet I can say is mine

I wanna f**k with time

I wanna be on my prime

N***as ganna see me and become a mime

I won’t mind

Imma shine so bright n***as ganna turn blind

F**k a n***a tryna get in the way of my grind

A new artist a new jam that’s a new find

Imma litter fake n***as until I get fined

No one to tell me when I’m out of line

F**k fake ones that wanna sign to be on my line

F**k Fake ones cause I don’t wanna a**ociate with that kind

2018 what does it hold, I don’t know but here’s what I’m told

Theres a rasist president supported by white supremacist

A facist who needs a psychologist
F**king everything up

Most people will be p*ssed It’s ridiculous

Gods probably mad at us

There’s a shooting in a school full of minority’s

Powers being abused by the authorities

There’s still no equality

The president has no formality’s

This n***as in his own reality

What you do next I suggest you do it carefully

Or the people will bring you down gladly and hatefully

Enough is enough whats the motto

More love less hate
I guess It was a stale mate
I guess it was just fate
Some one come Take me back to when It was 2008

My Life wasn’t perfect but it was just great
I couldn’t translate any of the hate. I was in a free state

Contemplating on what I could be
I don’t wanna do that I wanna do me

But look
It’s the journey there that matters

Life’s a book with chapters the answers are scattered

There’s a pattern

You figure it out faster and faster you catching up to the mad hatter

After you find out the answer there’s a new disaster

Every single problem I master

I do it looking dapper

So much joy it brings laughter

You the only fighting factor

The list of sins is only getting fatter

Looking at the reflection it just shattered im ready to scatter

Lemmie finish it off by sayin
Life’s unpredictable like rolling a dice don’t think twice be ready to make a sacrifice be ready to pay the price

Don’t worry bout no one else but yo self make your moves in stealth and let the success be the noise.....

Everything will be okay