Remedy for a broken heart (Remix)
Shes falling in love with someone else.... x2
Falling in love with someone else
Late nights feeling heart broken, thoughts on my mind
That will never be spoken
Walk outside showin' no emotions, deep inside my heart
Is explosions from all the pain, tryna detain, cause no one can
Know the hurt in my veins
Tryna restrain, all of the hurtin' from showin'
And when i'm alone I just can't stop the tears from rollin'
Longs night, long night had a fight with myself, yeah I think i'm losin' my mind
When you ask me how you doing imma say
I'm doin' alright
But my depression just gonna roll on a new height
Hope you never have to know what it feels like
To love somebody, to love somebody thats not you
But no matter all the pain I still caught you
Yeah no matter all the pain I still gotchu..
Hopin' you gettin' the message, hopin' you don't feel my depression
This music for me is like a therapy session
And i'm just rappin' but honestly I just be bettin'
Hopin' you never get filled with aggression
Hopin' you always embracing perfections
Hope you don't have to look back and regrettin' my love everyone
But i'm in my own exception
You've most likely fallin' in love with someone else
You've most likely fallin' in love with someone else
Fallen in love with someone esle.....