Frozen Cold
I'm staring at my ceiling once again, just hurting thinking how I messed up and how we ended up only being friends
Look, I been walking down the halls of my school with my head low, never looking into any eyes, just the floor and the skies. When I hear your voice I get b***erflies, I remember the same thing you say and replay it a thousand times in my head and its impossible to get you off my mind, I think about 100 thoughts and you are 99, Iv'e understood you will never be mine, again. And that's fine, i'm just breaking inside. And every time I talk to you its not so easy, it just feels like you're slipping away my situations are getting greasy. I just wish I could grab you by your waist and actually meet face to face. Just look into your eyes and say you mine, wish I could have you in my bed messing around having a good time. You know just being ranted but now my dreams were going straight and all of a sudden they be slanted, and I always give my heart away I guess its just a habit, but i'm always lucky if I get a text back, and if I don't I always get the worse flash backs and it hurts in a snap, yes that fast. Knowing your hugs and kisses would make me feel wonderful, and you wouldn't make me feel a half it would be a whole. But i'm just rappin' but honestly I just be bettin'
Hopin' you never get filled with aggression
Hopin' you always embracing perfections
Hope you don't have to look back and regret my love, but I know I didn't fit your exceptions. And I say I miss you but you say u feel no connection
Sometimes I ever think if i'm on your mind, and sometimes I say you're not on mine but its always a lie, cause it really makes me cry to lose someone I love cause u had that magical touch, the pain is running deep and I can feel it in my veins and I feel I can't escape
I don't want you to fall in love with someone else, but if I love you I need to let you go
I'm just frozen, cold
Frozen cold...
Frozen cold