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"You Know It"

[Intro: Sample]
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom"

[Intro: Narrator]
You are listening to Hazakim, Origins
Hip-hologetics Volume Three!

[Verse One: Mike]
"You Know It"
Neuroscience tries to describe
What's inside of the human mind
Evolutionists also tried
And I’m sure that it blew their minds
Perfect how it's comprised
It has purpose in its design
Mental suicide to deny
That it's God who’s truly behind
This thing that's incredibly delicate
Squishy and soft like gelatin
Just a couple of pounds and yet
All this holds our intelligence
The grand member, receiver and our transmitter
Consider our master organ the people's command center
Rewiring mechanism
That stores the data we're given
And formulates our decision
And correlates with our vision
Internal hard drive, capacity that's unlimited
Creating archives in our mind that's built intricate
Electrical chemicals sent to where all the signals go
Information is plentiful
Separated by different lobes
Parietal for sensory
Occipital: imagery
Temporal where the tensions flow
Limbic is for the memory ("You Know It")
The cerebellum that deals with movement and balance
Over a billion cells that's moving in different patterns
The white and grey matter with 20 volumes of watt
Relaying exchanged data, enough to power a clock
The biggest is frontal lobe that individuals hold
It plays a pivotal role when dealing with self-control
One piece of a man's brain
The size of a sand’s grain
Contains 1,000 neurons where data is exchanged
Whether digesting or breathing
Whether resting or sleeping
Best believe that it’s steadily thinking, guessing, and dreaming
The brain's a mental station that’s craving for stimulation
The greatest of innovations with chambers of information
Awesome what it captures without you using much effort
It's unable to feel pain 'cause it doesn't have pain receptors
But it tells you when there’s pain
And in case that you didn't know
You're adding wrinkles to your brain
While you're listening to me flow

[Verse 2: Tony]
It's the centerpiece of the dome
And a mystery to behold
From its symmetry and its folds
To the memories that it holds
Macro to micro, it's the synergy of the whole
The conductor and maestro of the symphony of the soul
But what is even more baffling
Than what's physically happening
More amazing than all the digital signals traveling
Pointing to an origin of a spiritual kind
Is the fact that the brain's distinct
From the immaterial mind
Can't measure the thoughts of a man
It isn't tangible
Can't be weighed or watched with a scan
It isn't scannable
Philosophers debate it and all the knowledge is sought
Still the brain can't explain
The laws of logic and thought
Self-awareness and consciousness
How can that be a consequence
Of an inanimate lump of cells?
Heed your common sense
The brain's an interface
Where immaterial mental states
Connect the soul to the body so they can integrate
(Mike: "You Know It")
The human will originates in the soul or the mind
It's so intentional
Who can say that there's no design?
Pointing to the principal cause we know is divine
The soul is spiritual
It doesn't die and won't get old with time
And your conscience was given so you can figure it out
To the mastermind who created it all we'll give an account
We're created for eternity and not just for the moment
Hard to wrap your brain around it
But deep inside...
(Mike: "You Know It")

"I guess you boys wanna get your steel guitars and everything set up on stage... [?] get those stage lights on and get these boys going"
"The finest of all thinking organisms, the human brain.. the brain"
"You have to take a couple of organisms to really drive home the sovereignty and majesty of our creator"

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