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7L & Esoteric

"Culture Of Death"

[Sample from film Deep Red]
"I can feel death in this room. I feel... A twisted mind... Sending me thoughts... Perverted, murderous thoughts… Ahh!"

[Verse 1]

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
What I hold in my hand could fold a frying pan
The air and sand do as I command
And if I want the night to last
Across the sky vast
The clouds won't even allow light to pass
My group leave alien loops inside grass
Roll trees and Dutchmas', [?]
A must-have
Like my dagger and cloak
And red streaks of blood on my white labcoat
A virgin first vote to give her her first poke
She crept over to my crib after church broke
Since we ain't spoke, but I hit it dumb ways
The unshaved
Some days I don't bathe
Unphased by the light and the scorching flame
While tears fall from the ice dripping off ya brain
Even if you cry it won't soften the pain
Your [?] is dead, you should go and get your coffin framed

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