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[Verse 1: Greg Porn]
I wasn't born to win the lotto, so I'm back up in the brothel
With a bottle of them Oxys and a baby with a body
That'll pay me when she empty but she tempt me when she horny
Cuz she said that I'm a doggie, Ima keep it 60-40
Haha, is but who isn't, when your di*k is made of lizard
And your flows are [?]
And it can't cool without him, is it
n*ggas ain't sh*t but b*tches ain't sh*t neither
That's why I don't let no mami duck on hardly how I treat 'em

Global fulfilling homo cuz my mojo screamin' 'Yolo'
In the Lobo with the mansions and the maxins with the munchies
And a dose on every motherf*cker lookin' at me funny
They waitin' for this di*kin', n*ggas waiting for permission
To drop on where they drippin', the bottom of the kitchen
Fryin' for they chicken that they chain up while they twitchin'
Life's a b*tch but I ain't b*tchin'
Just tell her switch positions like
Hold, hold up, I'm about to boss
Crack up in this and disappear up in this magic dot
Back to the lancy where the Xannies and the candies
Every blunt is laced it's like [?]
If we ain't on the corner then we up in cousin Danny's
With a slim, tryna pull it like a hammy

It's P-H-I-L-A Dot, all night all day it don't stop
Rock ya body, rock, rock ya body rock
Rock ya body, rock, rock ya body rock
Pick 'em up
Chop 'em down
Everybody score when we touch down

[Verse 2: Freeway]
Everybody scorin' because everybody borin'
My flow must be from Jupiter because everybody martians
I will unload the drum and then have everybody marchin'
I might pull a drum into black kids in my apartment
They a harmony and holly, oh but they might catch a body
Getting women from the D, stretch her out like it's Pilates
I got two full clips, none of this karate
I'm gonna ch-ch-chop you on the hood, Mr Miyake
I'm in Northfield, prolly, I'm in LA I'm in China
Russian women give me no discussion about vagina
We just f*ckin' she just suckin'
I'm just bustin' on her hiney
Big ass big bits why the hell they call her tiny
In the hotel lobby with a whole brick, whole scale
Oz for whole scale, don't tell Mick Multi
If you tell him Ima off you
No time for jail time, no time for law suits
That boy been on point, harpooned
And we all thuggin', so we all moved


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