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We struggle, we look to Allah to guide us
But we constantly letting bullsh*t divide us
And we steadily let the jizz get the best of us
You pull up and we throwing 10 at the driver
We kids from the gutter, we ain't know no better
And, our money was funny, we ain't know no Prada
No dough, no jewels, so the hoes didn't bother
I was going to school, wearing clothes from my Father
Had to post up with the stickers, that a stigmata?
If you don't hustle where I live, then you don't get nada
Was a disgrace to my mom, pulled my first case
Grinding in the crack house, on my 26th hour
No fresh pair of clothes, took no shower
I was posted like the Baker trying to flip the flour
Couple older Muslims tried to give us Da'wah
Then the people raided us, the sh*t went sour
When you grinding in the game, there's plenty up's and down's
Gotta dump some rounds, chasing that money and power
Now I'm a... Child of the ghetto
Hood legend, made these n*ggas proud of the ghetto
Hood reverend, preach the n*ggas with me sh*t's about
I am living proof that you can make it out the ghetto
People often ask me, 'Freezer how are you successful?'
I'm constantly making moves and I don't ever settle
I abuse the mic, but don't abuse the fame
And I chose to use my brain, while other's used the metal
f*ck the people trying to put a co-defendant on me
Can't catch another case, my kids depending on me
Know the difference, some friends are real, some friends are phoney
Fall in love, but don't ever marry a Tenderoni
Cause when n*ggas can't get at you, they'll get at her
These are the consequences when you getting money
I couldn't find his safe, I made his girl show me
Put my truths in my music, let the world know me
Now I feel like the world owe me, a whole lot of dough
You don't like it? Blow me
Man I step up in the stu' and I control the booth
And my raps are spitting facts, all I know is the truth
I been gearing, I've been back
I've been rich and I've been crack
Got this whole sh*t popping, then I was damn near forgotten
Left the Roc, but miraculously managed to blossom
They thought that I would lose my faculties, without the faculty
Evil men, sent their defense in to tackle me
Their evil xxx evil eye, match their evil grin
They ain't know, I run the Desert Eagle in
They do it for their dead homies, let em' be with them
Try to rip my youngin's up, before they see the Pen
I take em on the road and let them be with men
Yes, we're the Ex-Kilo gang
I do it for my n*ggas, trying to sneak a Kilo in
They say, since we did it our way
It shouldn't be a win
In this country, getting money shouldn't be a sin
You should be chasing that paper, You shouldn't be a hater
Pray you stay in God's good graces, till we meet again

It's the Roc (It's the Roc)
You bast*rds (You bast*rds, You bast*rds, You bast*rds)
It's the Roc
You bast*rds (You bast*rds, You bast*rds, You bast*rds)
It's the Roc
We think we free, live free, die hard, n*gga
The new Roc childs, Roc Nation
It's the Roc

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