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Ty Dolla $ign

"Dat’s Right"

[Pre-Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign]
I took your b*t*h, that's right
Money keep coming, that's right (That's right)
Only ride foreign, that's right (Right)
Whole team on, that's right (That right)
My n***as gon' ride, that's right (That's right)
My n***as gon' shoot, not fight
Whether wrong or right
That's right, that's right (That right)

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
Two clubs in one night (Night)
25 bands, one night (Night)
Kush up in that Raw (Kush)
Purple in that Sprite (Sprite)
Ten hoes in rotation (Tation)
Money my motivation (Vation)
Money make her c*m (c*m)
And I'ma make her taste it (Taste it)
Put it in the neck, I'ma make her gag on it (On it)
Head in the 'Rari, that's how you blow a hundred (Hundred)
Hoes come and go, I'ma f**k, then I want her (Want her)
Hoes like J's, wear 'em once then I don't want 'em (Trash)
Swerve, hit a corner (Skrrt), in the California (Fast)
Running through these hoes, like I play for Minnesota (A.P.)
She turn off her phone, 'cause n***a, you a sucker (Punk)
Police ask, n***as tell 'em, "stop cuffin" (b*t*h)
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