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Me and my n*ggas shoot first we dont buss back
Flip skunk got more dough than chipmunks ?
I be in the club, V.I.P spending nuff stacks
Hoes on my nutsack
Day time in the trap
O’s in the rucksack
Nine to shine, used to holla hydro to consign the ?
I be dropping mad rhymes, ask my n*ggas jazzy bout them poppin tag times
Call me shopping bag nines
I ain't a c*ck block never been the type to cuff a ho
Toxic got nicked, i lost couple bricks f*ck it though
Couple n*ggas from the other side gotta suffer slow
I roll on their block, squeezing the mac
20keys in the trap, this is deeper than rap
Gotta sleep with the strap
One day im gonna blow and put my team on the map
Leave the game
Won't have to buss guns or sell keys of caine

We just tryna take our strife
We just wanna live our life
Its the way its gonna go
Way its gonna go
Way its gonna go

Yo, my n*gga you know the game plan
Fly cunch for months to try make grands
And anyones a victim in the system
When i circle your block with my big ting
I whip it out and empty out 7
And its peak cause likkle t be out here no 11
Mans been trappin on the roads from when the birds tweet (early)
9 o clock im in the shop i got a birds key?
Rest in peace to my n*gga brands, you done know
I ain't just pouring out henny
I let my gun blow
So make a n*gga try diss me
Next day pronounced dead on the tv
I got proper beef
Where i gotta squeeze
So i got it in my pocket like f*ck the peace
I take it out the ? and put it on ya top lip
And tell my youngers dont worry because i got this

I know you see the kid, fatz
Walking with a limp because my heat is big
I will peel your wig
If you come through (churches)
You can't stunt round me unless you run through
Yeah i will rob a n*gga for a 10 grand
And duppy a brudda for even less than
You might see us, cruizing on the m4
With a 3-57 in the benz door

One day ill buy a yard on the ocean cliff
Settle down with my gyal, stop smoking piff
Probably give my chain to a younger like ? (young smurf)
I ain't blown yet
But i feel like a star already
The way i get groupies shaped like a coke bottle
Im like kate moss, on skates, a role model
I bring my strap everywhere cause we beef with our neighbours
Christenings we be in the church with heats in our blazers


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