Intro (Mezz4 and 5shotz):
Gang sh*t, no lame sh*t (haha)
Know what the f**k goin' on
You know what the f**k going on
(Thank God)
4's sh*t, no hoe sh*t
(?) Kick yo door quick
(5Shotz: mmh, yeah)
Hey, 5Shotz, what's poppin' n***a?
We poppin', 5, know that!

Verse 1:Mezz4 and (5Shotz)
He try and spin down on this block
We flippin' his whip (hah)
This Glock hold 30 and this b*t*h gotta d**k (gang)
I'm totin' this Cannon, I call that b*t*h Nick
You diss on the gang and we shoot up, we quick
Send a b*t*h-n***a right to Heaven, (gang, on gang)
(?) Taste of a new MAC-11
Don't beef with me, go talk to the Reverend
Drop a bag on a n***a that's tellin'
We on that Fo' sh*t (Glaow)
We Kick yo door quick (Baow, We sl-(?))
Slide a n***a out, we wipe his nose b*t*h (Gang)
Never on hoe sh*t
You're n***a a pure b*t*h
He said he goin, but he not rich
Call Steelo, lеt's turn up the kill switch
I'm paid in (?)
Verse 2: (Steelo)
Gang gang
You know wе B.B.A. (Uh-huh)
You diss on the gang, you catch one to yo face (glawwr)
We won't even need no trace, with a mask on
No face, no case
Bullet burning yo a** like Mace
Shells catchin' so they won't even trace