You is a b*t*h and yo b*t*h is a hoe
Bang it on that b*t*h
Then I fly to the west coast
I be counting blue figs
You can call me a locc (Yuh)
I be drinking [?] on the motherf**king road
If you wanna f**k then you gotta be bad
Baby pull up on me and shake that f**king a**
If catch you on my block then I might f**king blast
Keep a hundred shells like I'm in a task force (Yuh)
F**king on yo partna and I know that sh*t w**** (Yuh)
You is a b*t*h and yo b*t*h is a w**** (Yuh)
Counting blue figs like a motherf**king door
If I see him on my block then ill have it my way
I be selling dope on the f**king highway
Say you wanna rap but you ain't got the right ways
And I got attachments on my f**king AK (yuh) (aye) (yuh)