Yeah, my jeans real heavy
[?] on me
Drugs in my belly
You know you flexing wrong
When you don't have a penny
On the block
I keep it hot, so I might get sweaty

Lean in my coke, uh, that's cherry
Spread it like it's jelly
Stay away, b*t*h
I answer daily
They ask how much I make, I'm not sure
But I make plenty x2

I sold myself to the devil
I'm on another level
Lungskull does not give a sh*t
Lungskull is a rebel
Xanny in my [?] x2
Lungskull is a rebel (yuh, yuh)

Bag on me, that's Louis V
I'm not tryna be like he
He just tryna be like me
Heavy sh*t in my jeans
Geeking on this green

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