Around that time I popped a perc at night
If I see a opp then you know it's on sight
Rolling up to school at the age of nine
Flexing on my left and you know b*t*hes wanna ride
Coming up the double in first cla** flights
I won't sip if theres no lean
I will nut on cla** flights
When I'm with my tool, I give a f**k about your life
Still f**k a ho, she was full of life
She wanna take the drugs, b*t*h you will end up in the sky
Yeah, yeah, woah, woah, woah
I ain't no fool, I will never get tricked
He doubt that he gone live long, I'mma end his life quick
Opp's get involved, cause it's blood spell on my case
Hoe's shaking a** for a motherf**kin' brick
Foreign sparring hours and my son is feeling sick
And this fast a** beamer, I can take team any chick
Blood out of the blood and the room's start to stink
Red room, blood hill, I didn't know which one to pick