Brrt, brrt, brrt

[Verse: Zinoblade]
Uh, I don't give a sh*t, ayy
I walk with my soldiers and they totin' hella sticks
Big d**k in my pants, b*t*h I'm showing that whole sh*t
B*t*h, I pull up to yo' party and I make my oppas dip, ayy
Zinoblade b*t*h, I'm the sh*t
He gon' pray on all our hate
I got yo' b*t*h we makin' flicks
My n***as walk up in that b*t*h
I pop a perc, then wield a stick
I know these n***as ain't on sh*t
I-I drive like a lunatic
All the codeine that I sip

[Verse: Lungskull]
Ooh, I'm drinkin' this sh*t
S-show up to the function with some sticks and make it lean
I'ma pop like thirteen xans and act like I am not on sh*t
But when I hop inside this Phantom, I drive like I got no permit
And these hoes they fall in love when I spend thousands on they fit
We gon' walk inside this bеdroom she take thesе trousers off this d**k
And I show her my bank account, she get aroused for a little bit
Walk ins- walk inside my kingdom need my crown on my throne and sit