I love you, Sehvn

B*t*h, I am a demon and I do not have a soul
Blunt after blunt, 'til my lungs [?]
Bleed my f**kin' nose after sniffin' pounds of blow
Off the drugs, I be out of control
And you think you can stop using but its not that simple
And he wanna test the speed now he at the hospital
I jugg with the pistols
I'm taking your crystals
I pull up with the missiles
I see rainbow let's get lost
Yuhh, uh, uh, uh, uh
I sniff snow, snow, snow, oh, oh
And I stunt like a pro, oh, oh
I can't f**k wit' you, oh, oh

And my friends turn to foes
He gon' see me all alone
Thirty these fans they come at me, and I don't think [?]
I drink champagne I fly to Rome
Make her feel it up in her bones
I Walk around there but they can't leave thеir homes
Why can't they f**k wit' me
Why you gotta bе so mean
I'm feenin', I'm feenin', I'm feenin'
You talk down when you seen 'em
Goth ho' like a demon
Shut 'em off for no reason
Yuh, yuh, uh huh
Yuh, yuh, uh huh
Yuh, yuh, uh huh
Uh, huh, huh, huh