Noob music
Zoomin' around town, with a mean b*t*h
My b*t*h super bad, and you got ugly b*t*h
Blowin' out smoke like a f**kin' e-cig
If you wanna visit me, then you should rethink
Count bands on a loop look like a tycoon
[?] Make me think like I'm inside cartoon
I be sleepin' in the mothaf**kin' afternoon
And I'm 'boutta get some money like, real soon

Online you act tough, IRL, you a b*t*h
Crash a whip at yo' house, then grab all yo' sh*t
That boy went blind after lookin' at my wrist
Get the f**k out my way, I don't wanna be in your pic
Your b*t*h is a b*t*h, and your b*t*h is a ho'
You say you hit the [?] once, okay so?
My clip long as my d**k so I don't got to reload
I get money faster than my whip, you so f**kin' slow