Thas wut i do
Obtaining a gargantuan quant**y of Chaos Emeralds, because that is my current task
Travel to your residence, travel with the 2 millimeter firearm
I cannot wrap my cranium around the fact that your significant other is attaching to my male genital like some glue
And you civilians struggle to verbally rhyme words in a rhythmic method
And you civilians are extremely unlawful
And you know that I am smoking cigarettes in large doses
I am currently gaining an education in my school
Your significant other is engaging in sexual acts with me
Feeling rlly fast do the dash
Feelings like a car
Pull up with the stick shootin fast
I be going far
Likе a f**king dart
[?] be so anoying like bart
Nd u [?] so trash u [?] not going far
Feel like im goku cuz im abt to go supеr sayian
[?] so trash and yk i ain't playin
Got that strap and yk im finna get to that sprayin