(Yeah this pack)

(Verse 1)
This pack got me silly
All I love to easily
My life is so pretty
I do crimes in the city
I love the life that I'm living
I with yo b*t*h in a (?)
All the kush on the table
And we eat like thanksgiving

And I (?) 2x
With hoes white like vanilla
I'm a real f**king killer
If they test I might kill 'em

Uh, uh-uh (aye)

(Verse 2)
Lets go to work
My belong like a sword (uh)
I walk inside the room
And it start looking like gore (yuh)
Blood on the floor
You're panna is a w****
You say you get a lot, but you know that I get morе
(yuh, yuh, uh-uh uh)

At the function, in a black suit
When I gas, I nevеr that
And she run her mouth, then she get smacked