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Mobb Deep

"Blinkers, horse tack (ft. Fallen Samurai)"

[Intro: Jordan & Fallen Samurai]

Im so high bro, I can't even see

[Verse 1: Fallen Samurai]

The Survival Fittest
I am illest
I Invest
In Acid tabs
Nice titties, nice breasts
Second best
Don't give a f*ck about the rest
I see the government attacking us
Harassing us
The people terrorised in the streets
By police
Can this truly really be? (see)
My eyes bleed from the lies on TV
I can't seem to believe
What reality has come to be (see)
But when I spit it down the beat
I gotta scream
And I don’t really give a sh*t
The revelation
Of the revolution
Has truly begun
I am second to none
Becoming number one
Synonymous to Pablo Escobar
But instead of drugs
My repertoires’ consist of dope bars
And deeps scars
From my past
So any motherf*cking rapper coming on my direction
I won't give you any rhymes
Kept your 9's

[Verse 2: Jordan]

Does not share lyrics

Oof Jord...
I don't know if I can follow that up

[Verse 3: Erd]

You know I pay dues snake jews that play flutes
Phallic flutes playin' blues till you blue but
Blew no longer cause he nut chew that guu
Like he f*cked you cause you wish you knew how to get moved
Past like a master class for a master passed the grass Degrassi backed
Unlike acid rap chance is that’s the climax
For a mans that ass kissing got him his grams
Thought he had me bought it must be the peak after like three
Boat had a feat is when my dream must be a reality
In nightmare form now that I see
What the rap game could be
But the fat fame would mean
That theres more chains more green
Now the damn Kane they be
For the rap name to me
Is the end
Of a generation
Like the innocent nation of Islam
Devils soldiers passion for bombs while
Allah has compassion not harm and
Our laws have compassion too but the ask questions later just shoot
Attitude brought new movements
Like BLM wait f*ck can't think of two
That just shows you how targeting looks
Of a race
Just like me or you
Im a minority too
A Turk muslim but I look like a jew
Rep its back till I die even though nationalism makes me smack myself in my
Back its so whack that Rattpack a pack of wolves know what togetherness is
When you don’t know what way the pendulum swings
Its the strong bonds that keep us alive and not restless in this
World of beauty and not left defenceless
But the best is when you guessed his salary right
Lower than yours you got a better life than him right?
Frightening what the world puts all its smite in
Fighting for more green new phone always biting
What capitalism has now or might in the future for you
Tortured you too just mentally
So bad you're exhausted physically
Just want my message to be not to put your value in doe but whats real to me
And that’s love

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